Left wing extremist Norman Leboon sentenced to two years in prison threatening Eric Cantor

norman-leboonRemember this goober Norman Leboon? Last March Leboon was arrested by the FBI today for making a YouTube video in which he threatened to kill not only Eric Cantor, but also his family. Eric Cantor is of course Jewish, and Norman Leboon made anti-semitic rants in his “death threat” video as well. This is the same Norman Leboon who donated $500 to Obama in 2008. According to CNN International (hiding from their main page of course), Leboon was sentenced Thursday to 24 months in prison.

After his prison term, Norman LeBoon will have three years of supervised release, which will include home detention, no internet access, mental health treatment and drug testing.

The death threats were made against Cantor because he didn’t support ObamaCARE. Yet another left wing extremist that the media ignores.

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