Video: Joe Biden falls asleep during Obama’s campaign err debt speech

dumb-joe-bidenWhen your own vice president Joe Biden falls asleep during a propaganda speech, you know you suck. During Obama’s campaign, err excuse me debt speech today, he said that Vice President Joe Biden will begin regular meetings with Republicans and Democrats in May to reach an agreement on the plan to reduce the deficit by the end of June. Based on how Biden reacted to Obama’s propaganda speech today, those meetings are going to be really productive and lively.

Of course I can’t really blame Biden too much. I found myself falling asleep during Obama’s propaganda speech too. Though I’m not the vice president, and I’m not the one who is going to be “leading” these meetings next month. Notice the person behind Biden also had a good cat nap. The woman behind tax cheat Tim Geither had trouble keeping her eyes open as well.

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