Tornadoes, sleeping air traffic controllers, wars, Obama goes golfing for record 64th time

obama-golfWhat Obama worry? According to Gateway Pundit, the death toll from all the tornadoes over the last few days stands at 45 people. across 6 states. Most of the deaths have happened in North Carolina. Wildfires are burning all over Texas. We are still wasting money in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. The economy still sucks. So Obama is focusing like a laser. Only it’s not on jobs, it’s on golf. For a record 64th time as President, Obama has hit the links. Mark Knoller of CBS fills us in on Obama’s exciting rounds of golf.

After 4 hour round of golf, Pres Obama back at the WH.

It’s a sunny Sunday in DC. Pres. Obama is playing golf at Joint Base Andrews, though course may still be wet from yesterday’s rain.

Four hours wasted playing golf. Focusing like a lazer.

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