Seven more companies pull ads from progressive liberal site Wonkette after Trig Palin “retard” post

sarah-palinYesterday the pitiful left wing site called Wonkette which is some lame DC gossip site faced backlash over their character assassination of Sarah Palin’s down syndrome child Trig Palin. The article called Trig a “retard” and made fun of him because of his down syndrome. Then three companies pulled their ads from the site including Papa Johns, Huggies and Vanguard. Today, according to Life News, seven more companies have yanked their ads off that disgraceful site. These ads include:

J. JIll clothing:  “All: Please know we do not condone the Wonkette story. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. We have taken action to remove our ads.”
Holland America Cruises: “Thanks for letting us known, we have blocked that page from running our ads.”
Nordstrom: “Thanks for letting us know. The ads have been removed. We’re sorry to disappoint you.”
Reliant Energy: “Thank you for alerting us. We did not choose this site and are working to have this removed immediately.”
Bob Evans Farms: “Our ad is not supposed to be running on that site. Agency has been alerted to pull it immediately.”
Coldwell Banker:  “We are in the process of pulling our ads from Wonkette.”

DealSwarm: “We’ve pulled our ads from the site — we wouldn’t have approved them running next to that blog post. (Trig is a cutie pie.) Thank you for alerting us — we weren’t aware our ads were running alongside a blog post like that. Ads have been pulled.”
MetroPCS: “We don’t condone @Wonkette, have removed the ad and ensured that our ads won’t appear on this site in the future. Thanks for bringing to our attention.”

No wonder these far left cranks hate capitalism!

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