Left wing nut Nicole Sandler former Air America host handcuffed and taken away after trying to disrupt Allen West townhall meeting

democrat-baby-logoIf anyone wonders why Air America went belly up, you can just take a look at one of it’s former hosts, Nicole Sandler on this video. It should be pretty obvious what the progressive liberal motives are now. Yell and disrupt townhall meetings of Republican congressman, and try and make it seem like legit anger that Democrats faced in 2009 and 2010. Sorry, progressives. With obnoxious hacks like Nicole Sandler, your little gimmick has already been exposed. Sandler reportedly even harassed Allen West’s wife!


As you can see, Allen West handled the arrogant, obnoxious progressive with ease. He even told Sandler that “You’re not going to intimidate me.” Nicole Sandler even retweeted that she was going to “protest” Allen West’s townhall earlier on twitter:

Video posted by Shark Tank

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