Socialist MSNBC hack Lawrence O’Donnell melts down on camera over birther attorney Orly Taitz

lawrence-odonnellTurns out that this whole birth certificate issue is causing a meltdown of the progressive liberal and even admitted socialist media hacks. I love watching these hacks have complete meltdowns on the air. Already there was Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on the rag earlier in the day spewing racism. Then there was CBS hack Bob Schieffer claiming that Donald Trump is a racist and showing an ugly strain of racism for the whole birth certificate issue and wanting to see Obama’s college grades. Now socialist Lawrence O’Donnell goes batsh*t crazy on the MSNBC airwaves talking with birther lawyer Orly Taitz. O’Donnell even cuts her off the air and continues his whiny rant all by his little lonesome.

It’s moments like this that you ALMOST miss a hack like bath tub boy Keith Olbermann and one of his epic meltdowns. Still, O’Donnell does a good impersonation. Video posted by Newsbusters.