More from the Obama “Arab Spring” speech – Even though we have no money, Obama gives Egypt $2 billion

obama-pictureNot to be content with throwing Israel under the bus and sucking up to Muslims on the Palestine issue, Obama is also throwing more of our money at another Muslim problem. Egypt is now going to get a $2 billion economic aid package, courtesy of the American taxpayer. CNN gives one paragraph on those aid package to Egypt, buried in the middle of the slurping Arab Spring story:

On a broader regional level, Obama stressed the importance of economic development to accompany political reforms. Toward that end, he announced $1 billion in debt forgiveness for Egypt, as well as another $1 billion in loan guarantees for Cairo.

Imagine. That $2 billion could have gone to pay for those “evil tax breaks” those evil oil companies get that the Senate was trying to block. Nah, lets give it to some radical Muslim country about to be ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood instead.

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