Suffolk University poll – Who’s the most trusted political news source? Fox News

fox-news-logoOne would think that either CNN or the dinosaur alphabet network would be considered the “most trusted name in news.” Fox News has been slammed on each one of these other pitiful networks, that claim they are not biased, the most trusted name in political news. The leftist Suffolk University conducted the poll which is bad news yet again for left wing biased media hacks. Well not only is this bad news for the far left thugs in this country, but also for the pitiful news “networks” that claim they are the leaders. The poll wasn’t even close either. By a 10 point margin, Fox News beats CNN (Client Nine Network). The only dinosaur alphabet network to even reach double figures was NBC at 10%. ABC (all Barack Channel) and cBS (See Bullsh*t) only received 6% of the vote each.

FOX News – 28%

CNN – 18%

Undecided -12%

NBC – 10%

Other -10%

MSNBC — 7%

ABC — 6%

CBS — 6%

C-SPAN — 3%

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