HAH HAH! Sleepy Joe Biden considering running for president in 2016

sleepy-joe-biden1Oh please! Let this happen! According to the Daily Caller, sleepy Joe Biden is already floating the idea of running President (again) in 2016. He floated this idea to Democratic donors while in Ohio. Biden ran for Presidency in 1988 (we all know what happened with that) and then again in 2008 and crashed and burned. But Obama picked him as his sleepy, idiotic, and stupid running mate, and the rest is history. It actually makes sense, and follows the usual Democrat trend. Jimmy Carter was a disaster in the 70s, Obama is a disaster now. Walter Mondale was a joke of a Vice President with Carter, Joe Biden is a running joke as a Vice President with Obama. See? It fits the pattern.

There’s also rumors that Andrew Cuomo, Virginia Senator Mark Warner, and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley may make a run in 2016. Talk about a “strong” field! LOL!

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