Dumbass Obama signs Westminster Abbey Guest Book 24 may 2008

As if Obama isn’t a complete and utter embarrassment enough already. The dumbass in chief popped off to England today and signed the Westminster Abbey Guest Book with the date of 24 may 2008. I know far left progressive nuts love living in the past, but come on! Does this idiot need a teleprompter to sign guest books now too? Imagine if Dubya Bush would have signed a guest book in England (whatever other country) three years into the past. The media would have a feeding frenzy and it would get 24/7 coverage. Since their Messiah Obama did, you probably wouldn’t even see one mention of this in the lame stream media.

Obama must have a thing with embarassing the country in England. Remember the last time he went there and gave the Queen an iPod with his speeches?