How Obama honored the fallen on Memorial Day – by playing his record 70th round of golf

obama-golf_0After sitting and chewing on some gum (Nicrorette?) during the Joplin Memorial service yesterday, Obama decided to honor the fallen soliders this Memorial Day by playing a record 70th round of golf. Mark Knoller of CBS reports on this via Twitter (I don’t think he was hacked though):

Maybe what presidents like most about golf courses, they get to drive a golf cart. (and at Camp David.)

Last Monday at about this time he was on his way to Moneygall, Ireland to raise a pint to his Irish heritage.

Pres Obama is playing 90-degree golf at Ft. Belvoir in Va. It’s his 70th golf outing as president; his 18th at Belvoir.

it may be hot. 91° the current reading in DC. But not too hot for some presidential golf.

FORE!! His golfing buddies included junior White House staffer Ben Finkenbinder, White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson, and Energy Department staffer David Katz. What? No Reggie Love?

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  • Chauncey Freeman

    Aside from the fact that he is a grotesque and ugly fat slob, why isn’t Michael Moore chasing down the “Vacationer/Golfer in Chief in protest of Obama’s golfing while waging and escalating three illegal, immoral wars?  

    WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEACENIKS GONE?  (They weren’t really peaceniks they just hated George W. Bush for being an evangelical Christian who loves his wife and goes to bed at 9PM)  

    Beware the democrat/mafia/military/government complex.

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  • Oscar Chase Dillon

    What a class act our President is.  And to think, he was golfing just up the road a bit from me, on my old stomping grounds.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely no class.

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  • Scott

    im not a fan of obama, but he WAS at the Tomb of the Unknown for the wreath laying prior to golfing…they kinda forgot to mention that…

  • Scott Lanz

    Actually, I am GLAD that Oscama isn’t out pandering to our military person..  That will come later as the election cycle evolves!

    NEVER forget —