NBC lies as Obama can’t fill half of the 2,200 seats at Adrienne Arsht Center for a fundraiser in Miami

nbcLeft wing biased Politico would usually be the one to lie and hype up Obama’s attendance numbers are fundraisers. NBC of course was probably the first major legacy media outfit to be in Obama’s pocket, back when he was fighting Hillary Clinton for the Democrat nomination back in 2008. Today, Obama is so unpopular that he can’t even get 50% capacity for a fund raiser at Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami which only seats 2,200. Only about 900 people showed up, yet NBC Miami blatantly lies:

In front of a packed house at the Adrian Arsht Center, Obama touted his successes over the past three years, but told supporters that he was thirsty for more.

A “packed house” means a sold out arena. You know, like American Airlines Arena was in Miami last night to see Lebron James choke again and watch the Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA title? Is this like progressive math or something again? Where about 45% of capacity is a “packed house?”

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