New York Yankees dump Keith Olbermann as in-house color commentator for Old Timers day after 11 years

olbermannKeith Olbermann used to be a sports “anchorman” out in L.A. during the 80s and early 90s and sucked at his job then. Aside from being a far left loon and MSNBC hack (now Al Gore lackey) he was also the in-house color commentator for the New York Yankees “old timers game”. Key word is WAS. The Yankees dumped Olbermann today without giving reason according to Yahoo sports. Obviously its Bush’s fault. Maybe Palin’s.

Wait it had to be Michele Bachmann’s fault! C heck out what people in L.A. had to suffer with on KTLA News at 10pm back in the 1980s. You can also check out Olbermann on CBS in L.A. back in 1989. Like the porn stache?

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