More misogyny – Keith Olbermann says Michele Bachmann smells of “ham burning” and mocks how Greta Van Susteren talks

olbermannAl Gore’s new lacky and bathtub boy Keith Olbermann is failing in the ratings at Current TV or whatever the network is called. No one could find the channel even if they wanted to watch this mashed up bag of meat without lipstick. The few that actually can find this channel are busy popping shoulder zits in their parent’s basement. So it’s time for OlberDouche to try and stir up some controversy by showing his progressive liberal misogynistic side. He basically called Michele Bachmann a pig by calling her “smelling like ham burning.” Then he decided to go after Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, mocking the way she speaks. Rumor has it that Van Susteren speaks the way she does because she had a stroke several years ago. So once again, Olbermann and defenders like Mediaite ooze with class. Check out the following video. Sorry, it’s in the crappy Mediaite format.

At the end of Olbermann’s whine/rant about Van Susteren, i could have sworn he said “Jew” instead of zoo. Either I’m wrong, or it’s just more of Olbermann’s anti-Semitic views seeping out. And as usual, libtard Mediaite defends Olbermann as using “comedy.” This is the same Mediaite who went along with the bullsh*t story about Anthony Weiner being hacked by blaming conservatives, Dan Wolfe, Andrew Breitbart, etc. So their credibility is sky high. Poor Olbermann must still be bitter than the New York Yankees threw his ass to the curb.

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