Misogynist David Letterman now cracking jokes about Michele Bachmann’s ass

david-letterman-is-a-pervertEveryone knows what a misogynist David Letterman is. The fact that he’s cracking jokes about Michele Bachmann’s ass isn’t anything out of the ordinary for him, or any of the “talent” at CBS. It just goes to show yet again how pathetic the liberal biased hacks and so called comedians on TV are. If he really wanted to crack jokes about female asses, he could find plenty of material to crack on Michelle Obama’s wide load. But of course, not one joke cracked about her. Fox Nation has the quote and vote from Letterman:

6. Latest strategy: X-ray Bachmann’s ass to prove it’s real.

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  • Jerrygallagher

    letterman replaced a really funny guy-he ain’t even close. The only ‘folks’ that can stay up late enough to watch this ‘entertainment’ are the unemployed,government workers or ‘students’ that are sucking mommie’s teats. Why a tall skinny jew can crack jokes about anyone else is beyond me. I’ll bet his I.Q. is as high as the president’s ( although not as high as barry used to get in his school daze-you know. when he was becoming ‘brilliant’).Do people still watch his show or is it still propped up by pbs?cbs is run by snobs and shitbags-ergo ,their place in the ratings.Sponsors will reply.

    • Rick Prohaska


    • Noj

      Letterman is a partisan hack. He spends as much time thinking about politics as he does about smelling the oily crap he get on his fingers when he rubs behind his ears. He’s a complete retard that has ZERO qualifications to even comment on politics. He’s wealthy beyond my imagining, has a lifestyle that any of us could only hope to read about and he has no problem giving 15% of his multiple millions away to poor slobs that wouldn’t work a day if it would keep them alive. He’s a Hollywood far left loon that, I swear, would do WHATEVER Barry asked him to do. And should the day come when he happened to have a staffer tell him to open his eyes and see the left for what it is, he’d still be an utter idiot, treading water through the streets of reality. Let’s not waste anymore time even THINKING of rich, whiney losers like this fool. Personally, any insult coming from his lips would be a compliment. Hey Dave, go find another intern to grope with your horribly disgusting, creepy old guy hands. You are truly the kind of guy that makes most girls want to puke at the thought of your interest.

  • deniz

    wait a min michele obama has a big sexy ass , i like it a lot