Client Number Nine Eliot Spitzer CNN show In the Arena cancelled!

cnnlogo2LOL! So much for Client Number Nine’s “new career” of political propagandist for CNN. First, he couldn’t get along with Katheleen Parker during the Parker/Spitzer show. CNN had hoped to emulate the once successful Fox News show Hannity and Show. That turned out to be an epic failure as Kathleen Parker quit, reportedly because Spitzer was such an ass. Then CNN give Client Number Nine Eliot Spitzer his own show called “In the Arena.” Instead of “attempting” to be a fair and balanced political show like Parker/Spitzer, In the Arena was little more than another Keith Olbermann left wing propaganda show. Much like Spitzer’s time as New York Governor, his own CNN show didn’t last very long. Spitzer lasted just nine months. That just five months fewer than he lasted as governor of New York. Another epic New York pervert progressive failure. Hey maybe CNN can hire Anthony Weiner!

According to The Blaze, CNN will move Anderson Cooper to Spitzer’s time slot starting August 8th. That should be great competing against gasbag Bill O’Reilly. Between now and then, CNN will debut a new show starting at 7pm eastern time with someone named the Erin Burnett. This some Burnett who called George W. Bush and Angela Merkel a monkey back in 2007 on MSNBC. She’ll fit in perfectly at CNN. “John King USA” moves to 6 pm. Grungy Wolf Blitzer’s “The Situation Room with” will be on 4 pm to 6 pm (taking up Spitzer’s vacated time slot).

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