25.3 million unemployed or underemployed – Real unemployment rate spikes to 16.2% in June

barack-obama-arroganceShovel ready, wasn’t as shovel read as Obama had hoped, hah hah hah. Obama is an epic failure, his Keynesian economics are an epic failure, and his entire party is a complete and utter failure at creating jobs. While Obama parties and goes on his golf trips and vacations, 25.3 million people in this country are unemployed or underemployed. According to CNSNEWS, the REAL unemployment rate rose to 16.2 percent in June, marking a return to levels not seen since January.

This real unemployment rate – known as the U6 rate – has been climbing since February 2011 when it was at 15.9 percent. Real unemployment peaked in October of 2009 at 17.4 percent, before falling into the 16 percent range for much of 2010.