Airhead Mika Brzezinski: ‘Republicans Look Stupid and Mean’ resisting Obama regimes debt

mika-brzezinski1MSNBC’s morning airhead Mika Brzezinski who sits with Morning Slow..err Joe Scarborough is actually a step up for MSNBC/NBC standards. Instead of calling Republicans terrorists, suicide bombers, Brzezinski says Republicans are just stupid and mean because they don’t cowtail to Obama’s tax hike demands. Newsbusters actually monitors this program daily, and posted a clip of the hag’s statement. I can proudly say I have never watched a second of this show in my lifetime, aside from online video clips like this.

MIKE BARNICLE: Why haven’t they done this years ago? I mean, it’s so obvious to so many people, and yet there are legions of tax lawyers and lobbyists to throw roadblocks.

BRZEZINSKI: I think the Republicans look stupid and mean. I’m sorry, this is stupid. This is a no-brainer in terms of a deal. This is a no brainer and they look mean and they look difficult and they’re going to lose this. Because at this point it’s a chess game and if it comes down to this –

SCARBOROUGH: Well, the discussion’s been about raising income tax rates I think they –

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