Proving liberalism is a mental disorder – Tingle leg Chris Matthews – government spending creates jobs!

chris-matthews-tingles2I just don’t understand why these wacky moonbats just don’t pick themselves up and move to Europe or something. Either Chris Matthews was stoned during his days in school, or he just had a teacher as loony as he is. Do you remember studying in school that ” government spending creates jobs?” Apparently at the school of tingle leg or NBC or whatever, that’s what was taught. If you needed a case study for how accurate thrill up the leg tingles statement is, check out how “successful” the Obama porkulus bill was. Poor Jim Cramer was really struggling to hold back his laughter as tingles rambled on.

MATTHEWS: So why do they keep saying government spending is bad when we know we need to have somebody spend. And the conservatives scare, the investors scare. If government’s got the nerve to do it, don’t they have to do it. We studied this in school, we learn it from history —

You know, you would think that these far left cranks in the media would have loved Dubya, instead of smear him every chance they’d get. He spent and spent and spent, and look what it got us? Barack Hussein Obama. Video and transcript from Newsbusters.

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