Obama talks – Dow Jones plunges 635 points Nasdaq dives 170 points

urkelCommunist Democrat Progressives always claimed they wanted to bring down Wall Street. Well, it looks like with Obama, they are finally suceeding in their dreams! The Dow Jones dove 635 points today, or 5.55%. The Dow is now under 11,000 for the first time since last October. Just what progressives wanted! The Nasdaq dove by an even bigger percentage. Nasdaq lost 170 points, or 6.7%. S&P 500 crashed by 78 points or 6.5%. The Dow was down by around 300 points went Obama opened his mouth and gave his useless, leaderless tepid speech. Their after, the stock loses doubled after he spoke.

I sure am glad that Weeper Boehner and the House Republicans “compromised” with the Communist Obama regime and caved to his demands of raising the debt ceiling, aren’t you?