Dumb ass Al Sharpton: “But resist, we MUCH – we must and we will much about that be committed”

al-sharptonIs this like race baiterbonics or something? As much of a hack that the dumb turks Stink Ulger or whatever his name was, Al Sharpton is making him look like an actual news man. This dumb ass race baiter can’t even read a teleprompter right for god sakes. Check out this epic intro to his show on August 9th. Maybe he was so hyped up about the Wisconsin recall votes that he just couldn’t read the letters. Or maybe he’s just a freaking moron. You be the judge.

Much like Al Sharpton is at life, he is an epic failure on television. Aka, he is a perfect fit for NBC/MSNBC. Don’t worry though. He will never criticize Obama. Video posted by Breitbart.tv

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