Chris Matthews – Rush Limbaugh sounds like a walrus under water and wants to get rid of integration in our schools and military

chris-matthews-tinglesPoor tweety/tingles/thrill up his leg Chris Matthews. His lover Obama has proven to be such an epic failure of a President, that he’s now comparing him to George W. Bush. But Chrissy still needs right wingers to bash and make up lies about. So why not Rush Limbaugh? Tingles played Limbaugh’s destruction of the failure of Wisconsin union thugs in last night’s failed recall elections. Somehow, Rush Limbaugh’s owning of the failed union thugs makes him a walrus under water who wants to roll back the integration in our schools and military that Harry Truman put into place 65 years ago.

See the connection! That damn racist was making fun of the union slobs and thugs $31 million failure last night in Wisconsin! He obviously is against integration. BTW, tingles fails to mention that it’s Democrats that segregated schools and the military in the first place. Yet another inconvenient truth that far left cranks always overlook. Video posted by Newsbusters.

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