Three extreme left wing House Democrats added to “Super Committee” – James Clyburn, Xavier Becerra and Chris Van Hollen

botox-nancy-pelosiThe not so “Super Committee” is now set on both the Republican and Democrat side. As expected, all six Democrat are far left extremists, the six Republicans include at least two RINOs with Jon Kyl and David Camp. Today Nancy Pelosi added her three Marxist Democrats to the mix with James Clyburn, Xavier Becerra and Chris Van Hollen. The six Democrats now include those three, and three left wing extremist Senators with John Kerry, Patty Murray and Max Baucus. Looks like taxes are almost certainly to go up now as RINO David Camp told Fox News, he wouldn’t rule out tax increases.

Rep. Dave Camp, R-Mich., chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee who was selected by Speaker John Boehner to be on the panel, told Reuters Thursday that boosting the sluggish U.S. economy and creating jobs are top priorities. He said he’s not going to rule anything in or out until the group rules on it.
“I am willing to discuss all issues that might help us reduce our short and long-term debt and grow our economy,” Camp said.

Looks like the panel will have no problem agreeing to whatever the Democrats want. You have the extremist Democrats all perfectly aligned. Then you have David Camp, and Jon Kyl who doesn’t have to worry about running for re-election. Compromise!

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