More tingles – Chris Matthews calls Rick Perry “Bull Connor with a smile” and a birther

chris-matthews-tinglesThe lame stream media has really gone into overdrive with their smears against Rick Perry. They are obviously frightened that Perry would crush Obama like the little bug that he is. MSNBC of course which takes is marching orders from the Obama regime is off to the “RACEs” too. Last night it was eD Schultz who was caught editing a video to claim Rick Perry is a racist over “big black cloud” remark he made about the debt. Today, it was Tingles called Rick Perry “Bull Connor with a smile” on his show. Of course race baiting progressive liberal loons such as Chris Matthews fail to release (or just conveniently forget) that Bull Connor was a Democrat.

CHRIS MATTHEWS [to Wayne Slater]: I know you’re an objective reporter, but I smell birtherism about this guy. His attack on Obama isn’t just policy. It’s about the nature of the person who’s president. It seems to me. Your thoughts?
MATTHEWS: Yeah. This could be Bull Connor with a smile.

Oh, and apparently Rick Perry is a birther too, even though I don’t remember hearing one comment from him about Obama being “born in Kenya.” Project much liberals? Video and transcript posted by Newsbusters.

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