Misogynist tax cheat corrupt Democrat Charlie Rangel loses it against Laura Ingraham

corrupt-charlie-rangelFor the past week, Laura Ingraham has been guest hosting the O’Reilly Factor. I guess like Obama, the gasbag O’Reilly hasn’t had enough vacation time yet this year. With Ingraham hosting the show, it’s much better, and has much more relevant content. Tonight Ingraham interviewed corrupt tax cheating Democrat Charlie Rangel. Unlike O’Reilly who has gone soft since the epic interview with Barney Frank years ago, Laura Ingraham took it to Rangel. She challenged him on what a failure Obama has been the African-American community. The topic was also Allen West’s “Democrat plantation” comments to Ingraham the day before. Rangel also revealed his misogynist side with this crack to Laura Ingraham.

“Bill O’Reilly told me he had a secret weapon, I didn’t know it was just a pretty girl he would bring here.”

Nice. But typical for a progressive. I wonder if you reversed the situation. Some far left female was interviewing a conservative House member who made that crack. Think it would be all over the news, and there would be calls for his resignation? Video posted by Fox Nation