Censorship! Facebook removes Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s post destroying Obama over his backdoor amnesty plan

obama-constitutionWTF is this China? According to KFYI/AP, Communist like Facebook removed a post in which Arizona Governor Jan Brewer criticized and destroyed Obama’s recent announcement of his back door amnesty plan. The plan is to “limit” the the deportations of illegal immigrants. Facebook is now claiming they “mistakenly” removed the post somehow.

Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes responded to a query by The Associated Press by saying in a brief email that Brewer’s post was removed in error and that Facebook was sorry.

Noyes did not provide further details, including whether the removal of the post on Thursday resulted from complaints received from other Facebook users.

Quick! Someone call the Winklevoss twins! Ah, never mind.

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  • Anonymous

    * * * * SO GET THIS * * * *

    “Facebook is not – and has never been – in the business of disabling
    accounts or removing content simply because people are discussing
    controversial topics,” Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes said in a
    statement to The Associated Press. “On the contrary, we want Facebook to
    be a place where people can openly express their views and opinions,
    even if others don’t agree with them.” http://goo.gl/eMQ11

    • Hellno

       BULL SHIT

    • Modres

      Liar, liar, pants on fire! Do they think we’re THAT stupid? Apparently – like all Leftwing hypocrites – they lie to our face and expect us to believe it.