Figures! MSNBC hack Tamron Hall moderated Congressional Black Caucus panel with Andre Carson claiming tea party wants to hang blacks from a tree

msdncIf you follow the blogosphere or watch Fox News, you’ve probably seen racist Congressional Black Caucus member claiming that the tea party wants to see blacks hanging from a tree. If you just watch the other pitiful networks like NBC/MSNBC you probably haven’t heard a thing about it. Now that The Blaze has revealed that MSNBC/NBC hack and race baiter Tamron Hall moderated the event in Miami with Carson’s inflammatory comments, it’s clear where NBC stands.

What adds to the intrigue is that MSNBC did cover the CBC’s town hall meeting in Miami (and apparently had cameras at the event). And guess who it featured: a fiery Rep. Carson. But guess what it didn’t feature: Rep. Carson’s controversial statements.