Sarah Palin destroys Obama, Democrats and Republicans at Iowa Tea Party of America rally – makes no mention of presidential run

sarah-palinSarah Palin gave her keynote speech at the Iowa Tea Party of America rally as expected. She destroyed not only Obama and the Democrats, but also the squishy Republican establishment who thrive with “corporate crony capitalism.” You can watch the full video of her 42 minute speech over at Fox Nation. People were wondering if she was going announce she’s going to run for President. Karl Rove “boldly” predicted by September 4th that Palin would make her decision. If porky pig Rove is going to be right, Palin is going to have to announce tomorrow, because Palin didn’t disclose her future. Most of the nail biting and “anger” at Palin’s “non-announcement” seems to be coming from the left wing kooks just waiting to tear into her. Politico for instance has a headline story entitled “Palin disappoints the die-hards.”

Yea, the “die hard” progressive liberal Democrats who want to bash her like they’ve been doing to Rick Perry maybe.

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