Bloated progressive liberal Democrat pig Bob Beckel claims Bobby Jindal reminds him of “call center ad in Mumbai” on The Five

beckelThe Five is the show that replaced Glenn Beck on Fox News. It’s been an epic failure since it’s debut about month ago. It gets about half the ratings that Beck’s show did, and features the campaign manager from Walter Mondale’s 1984 campaign that lost 49 states Bob Beckel. The bloated pig Beckel is a racist, an anti-Semite among other things, and yet again let his true colors show. While discussing Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who happens to be an Indian America, the fat pig Beckel said that Jindal

“Reminded me of a call center ad from Mumbai”

Of course the bloated pig Beckel wouldn’t be fired, wouldn’t be suspended, and things will go on. Because Beckel is a Democrat, it’s all good. Racism and being an anti-Semite is good, if you are a progressive. Video posted by