Rick Perry flubs illegal immigration question at CNN/Tea Party debate, gets booed

cnnlogo2First of all, can some please explain to me why the hell the Tea Party Express would partner with CNN and let a hack like Wolf Blitzer moderate a debate? Anyway the debate is over, and it wasn’t as big of a snorefest as I thought it would be. Personally, I thought Rick Perry was kicking ass and taking names early on in the debate, then he crashed and burned. When the topic of the Texas equivalent of the Dream Act came up (and illegal immigration) Rick Perry absolutely flopped in his answer. It was so bad, he got booed loudly by the crowd.

The introduction of the candidates was rather lame. And for whatever reason, CNN decided to start with one percenter Jon Huntsman. It must be because they cream themselves over this guy, even though they know Huntsman has no chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination.

Blitzer then decided to try and provoke Perry and Romney to fight each over Perry’s claims that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. I thought Perry nailed it here, and he was off and running before he blew it on illegal immigration.

Ron Paul as usual showed his anti military/anti Israel side. He also blamed America for 9/11 as is typical for Paul. The Paulians wouldn’t like that, but oh well. Rick Santorum is someone i personally don’t like. But he absolutely crushed Paul responding to his attacks on America. The Paul nut got booed even louder than Perry.

It’s a shame too. Up until the part where Paul blamed America (after Santorum owned him) I completely agreed with the guy.

One point where Ron Paul is 100% right is on the Federal Reserve. Blitzer decided to ask to attack Rick Perry for saying that Ben Bernanke is almost treasonous in his actions. He asked a few candidates if they agreed with Perry’s remarks. Yet Blitzer totally ignored Ron Paul on this issue, one of which he excels. Typical.

The full debate is divided up into four parts from CNN.
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Next GOP debate is September 22nd on Fox News. Unfortunately, the flake Chris Wallace will be one of the moderators.

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