Failed NY09 candidate David Weprin blames Obama for his loss in 3 to 1 Democrat district

anthony-weiner2It’s about time these far left Marxist Democrats wake up to reality. New York’s ninth congressional district had been held by Democrats for 88 straight years. This district was once represented by far left Marxist Chuck Schumer, and even 1984 VP nominee Geraldine Ferraro before meat tweeter Anthony Weiner. According to Gateway Pundit, Weprin us finally coming to the conclusion why he lost. Weprin finally admitted his loss turned into a referendum of the Marxist Obama. Weprin claims he was an “unfortunate consequence.” heh.

The biased New York media has different reasons for Weprin’s loss though. Not only are they claiming he was a bad candidate, but they also blame his “1970’s style moustache” for the loss. Seriously!

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