Weeper of the House John Boehner gets a primary challenger – David Lewis

crybaby-boehnerWhile Nancy Pelosi was the most damaging Speaker of the House in U.S. history, she still got what she wanted. While Speaker, Pelosi rammed down tons of big government, Marxist like bills to get government in control of basically every aspect of people’s lives. She passed more regulations than any Speaker in U.S. history, and of course the crown jewel of socialism was ObamaCARE that she rammed down America’s throat with Obama. Then comes Weeper John Boehner, who has not only shown he has no backbone on the issues, but either cries or appears to cry anytime the camera is on him. John Boehner has been a complete joke as Speaker of the House.  Now, according to Fox News the Weeper has a GOP primary challenger named David Lewis.

Of course the odds of Lewis beating Boehner are slim to none. But so was Scott Brown and so was Bob Turner. So I suppose anything can happen. People aren’t happy with incumbents, regardless if they are Democrats or Republicans.

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