Revenge of the Jews! – Obama’s approval with Jews drops to historic low of 45%

obamas_fly_2Maybe this is why Obama had a Freudian slip during his speech in front of the anti-Semitic Congressional Black Caucus and claimed that billionaires should pay the same tax rate as Jews. According to Jewish group American Jewish Committee, their annual poll on Obama has him below water. This is truly amazing for any Democrat candidate, let along Obama to be underwater with a group that is basically 80% Democrats. The AJC poll finds Obama’s approval ratings dropping 12 percentage pages from last year, from 57% to 45% today. 48% of Jews polled in this poll disapprove of the Marxist Obama. Last year, only 38% of those in the AJC disapproved of the Marxist Obama.

I guess it’s time for the Jews to be called racist or smth.

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