Anti Semitic Occupy Wall Street progressives spew their anti Jew, anti Israel filth

democrat-logoRemember, these hippies, drugged out progressives, and free loaders are just having a “peaceful” protest. Oh, and they love freedom of speech too. Why what a better way to expose the true “Occupy Wall Street” protester than to spew Anti Jewish, Anti Israel filth. I don’t know how long the following Youtube video is going to last, as they always censure stuff that exposes progressives, so check it out while you can.

Jews control Wall Street. F*ck the Jews. F*ck Israel. This guy must have gotten his talking points directly from the Obama regime. Or maybe the New Black Panthers that Obama hangs out with. Or maybe even Rev. Wright.

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  • Teri

    …and in the shadow of the new trade center building that’s replacing the twin towers that were picked as a target because the terrorists thought they could kill a lot of Jewish people at one time. So sad. The anti-Jewish hate hasn’t faded one bit. National Geographic’s “Inside 9/11″ documents the terrorists’ anti-Jewish, anti-American hate.   

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  • Joe Moderate

    How does this show that “leftists” are all “anit-Jewish”? How is this guy–clearly NOTHING LIKE the other protesters near Wall Street–painted as “representative” of these protests? Nothing he’s saying is even close to the rhetoric that protesters are using. So to portray this guy as indicative of the protester’s narrative is not just misleading, it’s completely intellectually dishonest.

    When you watch interviews at some tea party rallies, there ARE individuals who use the same kind of language about “taking back” America. And there is a portion of the tea party movement that consistently shows up–the ones who portray Barack Obama as a foreigner, a witch doctor, or other images that are meant to emphasize his African heritage. Call it what you will, but interviews show that many tea partiers distrust Barach Obama not because of what he says and does, but because of who they THINK he is. Whether it’s a racist sentiment is up for debate, but what ISN’T up for debate is that many tea party protesters are nearly obsessed with the President’s origins. Tea partiers should focus on the issues, not on the identities of the people they vilify.

    • Russellnash

      Joe Moderate’s post can be summed up thus:

      “Ummm, who cares if Leftist protestors attack Jews?  That’s irrelevant.  The REAL issue is that
      people who want to end government waste and lower taxes are really just
      RAAAAAAAACISTS! Anybody who opposes Obama is just a RAAAAAAAACIST!”

      Same tired old nonsense, different day.

    • debra steinman

      I can sum up Your post in three lines.

      First, Joe Moderate should be changed to koolaid drinking Hypocrite.

      Second, your entire post ;defends your right and the right of your fellow libscum to incessantly attack Jews & blacks … while LYING about every one ELSE being RACIST!

      Third, you’re RACE CARD is OVER DRAWN you Lying NAZI ScumBag!

  • MrWonderful

    The person holding the sign was paid by xxxxxxxx xxx xxx He got a lunch and 25 bucks. If anyone believes this is the face of Occupy Wall Street, think again. There is more to this video that meets the eye.

    • debra steinman

      Sadly that punk was the face of #OWS which is why it failed.

  • Kevin Ryan

    I’m glad  to see he didn’t find any support for his hate. This guy just wants attention, and probably a clean shirt and shower.

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  • Bbbev

    This is Selma to Montgomery all over again!  PATHETIC!  As George Washington told his officers something like, “if a man has to curse and use pofanity it shows his lack of intelligence to have anything worthwhile to say”.  If they want to talk in the gutter, have sex in the gutter and pee in the gutter, go back home to the gutter!   This is a disgrace to America.  There is no need for such trash. If that had been some ranting and raving and blaming the black, muslim or Italian community for everything wrong……..GOOD GRIEF! 

  • Rick

    I thought “f**k the jews” was Jimmy Carter’s line …

  • curses

    the anonymous coward jackal would shout from the dark pits of hell

    who could it be…

    the vatican

  • anarohah

    Yeaaaahh… They run the banks, they are our professors and doctors…, they are everywhere! Have you see in our best hospitals, the operating rooms, and laboratories, researching cures, creating new therapies and medicines, also in scientific development centers of all kinds, exploring, discovering new materials and systems, technology invented to make our lives (also the antisemitic life)  easier, safer and more interesting. The Jews thanks God! are here blessing our lives, creating beauty for everybody in all areas. In all branch of arts, as music, philosophy, literature, painting, theater, dance, cinema … They are with us in all the museums, the great thinkers in all study centers and all the publications. They are in all and each of the greats humane achievement, beginning in Israel 2012 years ago with Jesus Christ.

  • schnazis

    It aint anti semitic it is angelic…

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  • debra steinman

    What a flasback of #ANTISEMITEPIGS#OWS all these loons know how to do is to LIE and HATE!