More leftist anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street protests – You’re a bum Jew! Go back to Israel

Another day, another example of what the George Soros funded Obama/Van Jones talking point “protest” Occupy Wall Street is really all about. Yesterday, there was a video released of a leftist nut spewing his “Jews control the banks… F’ the Jews, F’ Israel” crap at Occupy Wall Street “protest” in New York. Today, National Review Online via posts another fine example of the “tolerant left.” The leftist spewing his Jew hate, with You’re a bum, Jew (among other things) claims to go back the name on Youtube called “lotion man.” Fitting I guess. There’s another video I found on Youtube of “lotion man” from early September. Seems, he’s not much of a fan of blacks either. Warning, the following two videos are loaded with profanity. If that offends you, don’t watch.

Anti-Semetic “Lotion Man”

Black hating “Lotion Man”

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