Occupy DC Anarchists-Communists-Hippies say now preaching cannibalism – they want to kill the rich and eat them

democrat-logoAll progressives, liberals, anarchists and Communists are already parasites in this country. But now they are turning into cannibals? If the various signs at Occupy Wall Street and Occupy DC are any indication, then fast food joints may start losing business. Shoulder zit popping progressives always seem to get the munchies. Now, the latest food item for them appears to be the evil rich. According to The Blaze an individual by the name of Brad Blanton from Luray, Virgina suggested cannibalism is the answer. He allegedly said that it was time to literally start killing the rich, then eating them.eating the wealthy in order to fix economic inequality.

Brad Blanton of Luray, Va. advocated cannibalism and wore an expletive-laden T-shirt. Madeleine Morgenstern/The Blaze
“They‘re devouring us and now it’s time we start devouring them back,” Blanton said. “I’m advocating cannibalism.”

But actual cannibalism? Apparently so.

“We ought to cut ‘em up and have a little ritual where we call it communion,” Blanton said. “We’re all cannibals, all human beings are cannibals. What we need to do is start eating from the top instead of the bottom.”

And again, just so there was no mistake:

“First we ought to kill them and eat them. I think cannibalism is the answer. Second to that, just regulate the hell out of them, that’d be okay,” Blanton said.

I wonder if these left wing nut jobs would use ketchup or mustard with that? Think they know that it would come from an evil corporation? These left wing nut jobs are really getting beyond disgusting.

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