Occupy Wall Street Anarchists-Communists-Hippies now sending death threats to New York lawmakers – Time to “Kill” the wealthy

democrat-logoDamn those violent teabaggers! Getting arrested, sending death threats to politicians, spewing anti-Semitism, and saying KILL . Oh wait. It’s not the teabaggers. It’s the leftist Anarchists-Communists-Hippies with their “peaceful” Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. Politico to their credit does report on this, but you’ll hard pressed to find it. It’s not even on their front page. Typical for the Jour-NO-List site. Several New York law makers are receiving death threats via mail, though Politico wouldn’t say if New York Governor Andrew Cuomo received the same mail. I didn’t even know this, but apparently there is a “surcharge” on the so called wealthy in New York that starts on those earning $200,000 per year. This surcharge is supposed to end at the end of this year, and now this left wing scum are threatening law makers to renew this surcharge, “or else.” Here’s a sample:

“You’re going to do it [renew the surcharge], or we are going to sow the kind of choas [sic] you are unequipped to deal with,” the email said. “And you’re going to find yourself in a country where you and your wealthy friends are gonig [sic] to be hunted.”

Wait, aren’t these far left scum against hunting? I guess only for animals. Now that’s progressive!

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