Occupy Wall Street nuts now endorsing bestiality – Chanting “You can have sex with animals”

democrat-logoLets see. So far the “Occupy Wall Street” slugs have clashed with cops, defecated on police cars, and showed how anti-Semitic they are. Other “Occupy” movements in other cities have shown their cult like racism, vandalism, marched with former USSR Soviet flag and been endorsed by the Iranian revolutionary guard. The “Occupy” camps are smelling like, well sh*t, garbage is everywhere, and cost to taxpayers of these cities in the millions for police overtime. So could these losers do to top all these? How about endorsing bestiality? During another one of their creepy, cult like chants with their finger gestures, these whack jobs chanted “You can have sex with animals.” Check it out in the following video (towards the end.) This is in Zucotti Square in New York.

Absolutely sickening! But, this is your modern version of the hippie. Or “Progressive” as they call themselves. Sex with animals? Now that’s progressive! Video posted by Urban Infidel.

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