Just like the 1960’s – Occupy Boston slugs now spitting on female military members

democrat-logoQuick! Where’s Hanoi Jane Fonda when we need her? The whole “Occupy Wall Street” movement, that’s spread to other progressive liberal cesspool cities in this country has had nearly 1,000 arrests to this date. 800 of the arrests alone were in New York. Now in Boston, another cesspool, Occupy Boston losers are spitting on female U.S. military members (Coast Guards.) My Fox Boston 25 has more and the video explaining what these Communists/Anarchists/hippie scum have been doing down in Barney Frank land. No wonder why keep re-electing scum like Frank, Kerry, Deval Patrick, Ed Markey, etc.

Coast Guard member spit on near Occupy Boston tents: MyFoxBOSTON.com

The Coast Guard in Boston confirmed that a woman in uniform was harassed and spat upon near Occupy Boston protesters.
The woman was walking to the train and said protesters spit on her twice, called her foul names and even threw a water bottle at her.
Now, the Coast Guard is warning all staff working on Atlantic Avenue to avoid those protesters while in uniform.

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    These THUGZ should be charged with ASSAULT of a Federal Agent and JAILED.

  • That_mccollum_girl

    Where’s the adult in the room ? When kindergardners do this they’re taught (used to be anyway) that’s not acceptable. And now it’s legally a form assault because of the disease issue . Can you IMAGINE the outrage if a conservative protester had acted like this ? What? O – that’s right …. THEY’RE ALL BUSY WITH WORK OR FAMILY! Being able to have a say shouldn’t and doesn’t mean that our military members should have to avoid the public spaces they risked their lives to defend . The ignorant OWS crowd should try a week in Cuba and see how it all unfolds . They’ll never see the irony or futility because they’re uninformed and don’t care enough to learn how to change it without destruction . I thought THAT was supposed to be taught in public schools too. Now they’re taught capitalism is unfair in some Arizona schools. I’ve seen the books….And this is spreading. We’ve failed to teach them history and the truth, so now they believe whatever feel good philosophy gets to them first because there’s no moral compass to judge . Conservatives WAKE UP!

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  • http://twitter.com/shortie072001 WhyWorryNow

    Arrest them period. Quit grouping people in categories. The ignorant signs of the conservative racist carried during the tea party demonstrations doesn’t define the Republican party or the Tea party. These idiots doesn’t define the Democrats or Liberals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gene-Hauber/100000368262786 Gene Hauber

    If you spit on someone, they should be able to forcibly recruit you into their”Hated” ranks and ship you immediately to their place of business, i.e. theatre of operation

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gene-Hauber/100000368262786 Gene Hauber

    OWS protestors actually think that ….”DUH….UUUMMMMMMM, THEN SILENCE IS AN INTELLIGENT ANSWER.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gene-Hauber/100000368262786 Gene Hauber

    MISOGYNY is the most accurate proven indicator of latent homosexuality that won’t remain in the closet.