American Nazi Party endorses Occupy Wall Street street – to fight those Judeo (Jews) capitalists

square-large-looneyAfter seeing the numerous examples of Jew hate, Israel hate, and Anti-Semetism at these so called “Occupy Wall Street” rallies, this does not shock me at all. I saw over at Weasel Zippers that the America Nazi Party has now thrown it’s support behind the losers at these Occupy Wall Street movement. Their reason is to fight those evil Judeo (Jewish) bankers and captialists. Why am I not suprised. Check out what they tweeted:

Why the American Nazi Party supports #OWS
Oct 15 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

Seig Heil progressives! Be proud! Another ringing endorsement!

Here is some more of the Jew hate from these so called peace loving hippies/Communists/Progressives/anarchists at these rallies:

“Jews control the banks. Jews are Hitler’s bankers… F’ the Jews, F’ Israel”
“Go back to Israel you bum jew”
The big Jew conspiracy
Anti-Semitic signs at OccupyLA
Occupy Chicago calls the destruction of Israel
LAUSD member calls for Jews to be run out of the country at OccupyLA

Back on October 4th, Ann Coulter compared these “Occupy” losers to Nazis. The lame stream media of course seemed to be offended. I guess Coulter was a prophet.

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