Obama regime’s Hilda Solis joins American Nazi Party endorsed Occupy DC

hilda-solisWith the American Nazi Party’s endorsement today, the so called “Occupy Wall Street” movements have officially become everything the lame stream media claimed that the Tea Party was. Ironic isn’t it? So why doesn’t it surprise me that Obama regime cabinet members like broom Hilda Solis joined the Occupy DC movement to speak today. According to Jammie Wearing Fool, Obama’s Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, offered her support to the Nazi supported crowd. Even resist we much Al Sharpton was there, proclaiming “No justice? No peace!” as the crowd shouted along with him, over and over.

There were also House Democrat members there such as Eleanor Holmes Norton and Georgia Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). Even the nutty Ralph Nader was there. Quite the collection. I’m sure the Nazis are proud.

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