Another Obama record! Misery Index hits 28 year high

urkelWhen Obama was elected, all of his press secretaries in the corrupt progressive liberal biased media said he would be a historic President. Almost three years later, the lame stream media is actually turning out to be prophets, just not in the way they wished. Record amounts of unemployed, record amount of people in poverty, record amount of people on food stamps, and record amount of polarization in this country. Obama is historic alright. For all the wrong reasons.  Now according to Fox Business, the misery index has hit a 28 year high thanks to inflation and high unemployment.

The “misery index,” an informal measure derived by adding the national unemployment rate to the year-over-year change in consumer prices, rose to 13 in September from 12.9 in August. That reading compares with 10.7 in the same period last year when the unemployment rate weighed in at 9.6%, higher than the September reading of 9.1%, but inflation was a more modest 1.1%.

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