Rich Marxist Democrat Air Claire McCaskill sells private plane

claire-obamas-jokerYou know those Occupy Wall Streeters just want “fairness” or something and those evil rich should pay more. You know, there should be extra taxes on corporate jet owners or something too. Yet, not one of these protests (and there were many in Missouri) ever made it to Air Claire McCaskill’s home or Senate office in Missouri. Oh and as far as taxes go, McCaskill was a tax cheat of nearly $300,000 when the whole issue of her private plane came up months ago. Still not a peep out of the “Occupiers.” Well now according to The Blaze, Democrat Marxist Air Claire McCaskill  has sold “the damn plane” after her use of it for official business and failure to pay back taxes created public backlash.

In April, the Missouri Democrat said she would “sell the damn plane” after a series of damaging revelations. First she repaid the government $88,000 after she was criticized for reimbursing herself for use of the plane on official and political travel. Then she paid an initial $287,000, rising to $320,000 in back taxes, penalties and interest to St. Louis County.

“Claire said she would sell the plane and she did,” said Trevor Kincaid, a McCaskill spokesman. “True to her word as always.”

Kincaid said the plane sold for approximately $1.9 million to Northeast Montana Stat Air Ambulance Cooperative.

True to her word as always. Hahahahahahahah! That’s why Democrat Marxists always want to raise taxes. They never pay them anyway.

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