Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid still most hated members of Congress

pelosi3.jpgJohn Boehner has proven to be an epic failure as Weeper of the House. The GOP should have nominated someone who was actually conservative and tough to be speaker. The Democrats when they had their reign of terror nominated their toughest, most far left politician they could in botox face Nancy Pelosi. Of course, now that the Marxistcrats are out of power in the House, Pelosi’s “toughness” compared to Boehner doesn’t matter much. Especially since she is the most hated politician in the country with a 63% disapproval rating according to the latest Rasmussen poll. Compare with with Weeper Boehner’s disapproval rating of 46% and all the Obama/media “Republican Congress” excuses fly right out the window. In the Marxist Democrat controlled Senate, dingy Harry Reid is at stagger 57% disapproval rating, while Mitch McConnell is only at 40%.

So when you hear about all the record low approval ratings for Congress, remember who are the most unpopular members. Yes Republicans in Congress suck, but it’s not like Democrats are any better.