Dinner we much! Al Sharpton dines with Bill O’Reilly at least twice a year

al-sharptonHow cute. Even though Resist We Much Al Sharpton bashes Fox News on MSLSD on a daily basis, he still finds time to dine with those on the evil network. According to TV Newser, Al Sharpton dines with BillO (Bill O’Reilly) at least twice a year. He even talks to Sean Hannity. Sharpton and O’Reilly love going over to Sylvia’s, Amy Ruth’s and The Harvard Club. The only one Sharpton could never ‘see him’ eating dinner with would be Glenn Beck. Aww. I’m sure Beck is going to start crying over this.

Sharpton calls O’Reilly a “a smart person that just sees the world differently than me.” Yea, that explains why O’Reilly has been sucking up to Obama and the left so much lately.

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