OccupyDC nutjobs “allegedly” shove 78 year old woman Dolores Broderson down the stairs outside Americans for Prosperity Dinner

obama_snobNow we said what Michelle Fields meant when should told RS McCain about the harassment she got from the OccupyDC nut job jobs. We also see Obama’s brownshirts shoving elderly woman down cement stairs outside of the Americans for Proesperity Dinner. I only say “allegedly” it was OccupyDC because it’s hard for to tell via the videos. But based on reports from various websites, it seems deliberate. One of them according to Gateway Pundit is named Dolores Broderson, who looked to be seriously hurt. There was also another elderly woman shoved to the ground by the OccupyDC thugs, among all the chaos in the following video. The video is loaded with profanity, so if that offends you don’t watch it or something. I guess now we know where the Democrats came up with their ad of throwing granny off the cliff with the fake Paul Ryan. They just shove groves down hard cement stairs to protest how much of victims they are. It all now makes perfect sense. If you want to see how Obama’s brown shirts are, then the video is a prime example of how they are. Now we’ll wait for the boiler plate statement from OccupyDC that “this doesn’t represent their cause or values” or something. Or there will be just a flat our denial. Watch the video yourself, you be the judge.

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