Mic check! Obama and French frog Nicolas Sarkozy whine about Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

obama-pictureIt’s been well documented that Obama is a hater of Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel. The media tries to cover for Obama’s sorry ass and his hatred of Jews, but it doesn’t work. Even when pervert Anthony Weiner’s old Congress seat went to a Republican mainly because of the hate Obama has for the Jews and Israel, the media still tries to spin it. Well it will be funny to watch them spin this. According to YNet News, microphones were accidentally left on after a G20 meeting last week. Obama and Sarkozy were whining about how they can’t stand Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu. The audio reportedly has Sarkozy whining to Obama that he ‘can’t stand’ Netanyahu. Obama whined about saying:

Obama> You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day!

I can’t wait for the audio clip of this to leak.

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