OccupyDenver nut jobs storm BlogCon 2011

obama-failRemember all the BS you hear from the Occupy squatters about how they are non-partisan and sh*t? Well, I guess that excuse is out the window, as the Occupy Denver nut bags have decided to storm the Crowne Plaza Denver Downtown Hotel that is hosting Blog Con 2011. Obviously by the name, you should be able to tell it’s a collection of conservative bloggers from around the country. If Occupy Denver is such a non-partisan collection of stiffs, why storm a conservative convention? I guess bloggers are now part of that evil one percent thing now. In the last video I posted below, Shelby the Dog (Occupy Denver’s newly elected leader) had prior engagements. So no humping of legs occurred. At least, not from a canine.

As seen at SooperMexican’s site.

Video posted by Weasel Zippers

So far, one arrested according to Hot Air.

So much fail for the Occutards in the following video. Not sure who gets credit for it. Saw the video on Twitter. BREITBART! BREITBART! BREITBART!

Here’s a longer video which includes some scenes from the above, and the events that precede it. Quite the epic failure for the left wing extremists, and very entertaining.

Video from FTR Radio.

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