Marxist California Democrat Dianne Feinstein invested $1 million in Amyris Biotechnologies just weeks before company got $24 MILLION government grant

feinsteinSeems to be quite the trend for corrupt, Marxist politicians from San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi was revealed to have held up credit card reform as she profited 203% off of an Visa IPO. Dianne Feinstein, who was once Mayor of San Francisco before becoming Senator of California had just one investment in the entire year of 2009. According to Big Government, Feinstein and her husband invested $1 million in “green” company Amyris Biotechnologies. In an amazing coincidence, just weeks after the million dollar investment in Amyris Biotechnologies the company received a $24 million grant from the Obama’s Department of Energy.

The grant was given to build a pilot plant where altered yeast would turn sugar into hydrocarbons.

The company went public the following year with an IPO that raked in $85 million. Currently, it’s unclear exactly how much money Senator Feinstein and her husband made off their investment, “but it’s safe to assume that they did well,” concludes Schweizer.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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