Aww. MSNBC hack Mika Brzezinski mad at Newt Gingrich for telling Obama’s occupiers to get a bath and a job

mika-brzezinskiSniff. Poor ole hag Mika Brzezinski is furious again. She’s pissed at Newt Gingrich for telling Obama’s occupiers over the weekend to get a bath and get a job. In fact, it made her old “skin crawl.” It seems that the MSNBC hacks on the Morning slow (err Joe) program also practice rehearsed lines too. One says disgusting, the others follow with disgusting.  Progressives aren’t exactly known for their creativity now are they.

Video posted by Newsbusters. I know the thought of actually cleaning one’s self and working is truely “disgusting” to a progressive.

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  • Amazingoly

    Poor little miss goodie two shoes.  Where is my daddy?  No wonder their ratings are in the toilet.

  • Rich Mcglone

    the ows are also the 1%  I’m a middle class woker making 75k  a year and i don’t know anybody who suppports this so called movement , so i can only conclude they are also a 1% group not 99% like she claims from what i hear in Tampa the odoer is pretty fowl at these places !!